As a digital agency, it’s easy for us to take for granted our ability to just open up Photoshop to make a few quick edits to an image. It might just be a quick rotate, we might want to crop an image or just resize an image to make it fit. We can’t expect our clients to purchase expensive software and we know there are free alternatives but we also know you don’t have time to be monkeying around and figuring that all out.

We’ve got some good news: you can take care of some easy image editing right within WordPress. Check it out.

Uploading Your Image to WordPress

Uploading your image to WordPress is really easy. You’ll first want to login to your WordPress dashboard.

  1. From the sidebar, navigate to the Media area.
  2. In this section, you’ll see all of the other images and media that you have uploaded to WordPress. Simply find the image you have on your computer and drag and drop the file right to this screen.

    Drag and Drop to Upload to WordPress

  3. You’ll see that your image uploads and gets added as a new tile amongst the others. Go ahead and click on your new image to bring up the Attachment Details.
  4. As a best practice it’s always best to fill in the Title and the Alt Text fields. If you can, feel free to fill in the Caption and the Description too. It all helps.
  5. Now, let’s click “Edit Image” and get down to business.


  1. Cropping is selected by default. So you’re ready to begin as soon as you bring up the image.
  2. Simply start by clicking and holding down the mouse button and drawing the rectangle you’d like to crop.
  3. If it’s not quite perfect you can pull on the edges a little bit and make it right.
  4. Once you have it right where you want it, go back and click the “Crop” button once again to make the change.
  5. Click Save, and you’re done.

Cropping Images in WordPress


Sometimes an image is just way bigger than it needs to be. This can result in slow loading times and just a poor experience for when people are on your site.

  1. In the top right hand corner you’ll see the dimensions of your image. These sizes are in pixels and one pixel is one tiny little micro point. So small that you could barely see it with your eyes.Resizing images in WordPress
  2. You can use the original size to judge how small you need your image. If you’d like it half the size, take the original image size and divide by 2.
    • As a general rule of thumb, around 1,000px will be plenty big enough if you want a really large image. If it’s just something you want to input on a page, around 500px or 600px should be fine.
  3. Once you have the size you want, click the blue Scale button to apply your changes.


Sometimes, you have an image that was taken sideways with your camera and you need a quick rotate so people don’t have to break their necks to see your image.

The second and third icons are the ones we’re interested. This will allow us to rotate clockwise or counter clockwise depending on how the original photo was taken.

Rotate Image in WordPress

Undo changes or revert back to the original image

Oops, you messed up didn’t you? No problem, WordPress has your back.

The two icons at the very end of the toolbar are your “Undo” and your “Redo” buttons so that you can quickly jump back a step to fix a mistake.

Undo a change while editing an image in WordPress

If you really messed up and need to go back to the way the image was originally, simply select the “Restore Original Image” item and select “Restore Image

Restore the image to it's original in WordPress


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