Oh great, another password to keep track of. Do you know how many passwords I have to manage?! It’s a nightmare!

We hear this from clients all the time. And it’s so true! Every new service you sign up for you’re expected to setup a new username and password and hope like heck you’ll remember when you go back once every 3 months. It’s gotta be one of the 3 passwords you use all the time, right?! It’s either that or it’s in that document you have on your desktop called “passwords.doc”. That’s super secure.

Also, more and more you hear about major services being compromised and passwords being leaked, could you imagine the headache involved with going to every service and changing your password? Not even mentioning the recent celebrity hack where simple passwords were broken by sheer brute force. (trying a dictionary of simple password terms.)

There has to be a better way, right? Well there is and we’ve rounded up some options for you to check out.


Available on: Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad, or Android devices.
Costs: $49.99 – $69.99 for a single license. $9.99 for iOS devices, $7.99 for Android
Buy it here!

This is by far our favourite of the bunch. Yes, it’s the most expensive but it really is a very elegant solution. All of your data is protected by 1 password and stored safely and securely behind AES-256 encryption. Here’s why it’s our favourite.

Browser Extension

Generate Strong Passwords with 1PasswordThe biggest timesaver for us is the Browser extension which allows you to just auto-fill username and password prompts in fractions of a second.

When signing up for a new website, you can use the extension to quickly generate a really long and super secure password. You can rest easy knowing that every site has a unique, and very strong password. Available for Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

You can also securely store your credit card details inside of 1Password and have that same quick and easy access to fill in your credit card details while you’re going through your shopping experience. You can use their “identities” feature and pre-populate long forms by entering mundane information such as your name, address, city, etc. It’s a true time saver.

Mobile Apps

This one is huge. More and more we use our phones for so much. When you’re out and about, in a pinch and need to login quickly somewhere to grab some information, 1Password app for iOS and Android has your back. By using your “1 Password”, a mobile pin or even your fingerprint you can unlock access to your entire password directory. They even have a mobile browser built right in so you can just quickly select the site you need and it will take you there and log you in. I can’t tell you how many times this app has saved my bacon.



Available on: Mac, Windows, and Linux. iOS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Andoid
Costs: Free, Premium: $12/yr or Enterprise options.
Download it here!

“The Last Password you’ll ever have to remember.” LastPass is a really great alternative to 1Password. They definitely span the platforms – this software will run no matter what computer or device you’re using.

You can expect the same high-level of encryption (AES-256 bit) and a lot of the similar features found in 1Password. Things like browser addons, mobile applications, auto-completion of profile data while you’re online shopping and will generate super strong and complex passwords for you.

You can try their product for free and if you like it, subscribe to their low cost ($12/year) pricing model.



Available on: Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Costs: Free! (GNU General Public License)
Download it here!

If 1Password or LastPass Premium are a little rich for your blood then this is a great alternative. KeePassX is an open source password manager that can keep track of all your logins and can even generate secure passwords. It keeps your complete database secure behind 256 bit AES encryption. This is a great solution if you find yourself on many different operating systems. (Maybe Mac at home but Windows at Work.) The biggest thing this option is missing is a browser extension or plugin – we can’t stress how useful that is.

KeePassX Screenshot

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