WordPress pages are really easy to edit, create and work with in WordPress. We get a few different questions about Pages and so we thought we’d take the time to answer them here.

Pages vs Posts – What’s the difference?

You want to get some new content up on your site but which do you choose? As a loose rule, Pages are meant for more permanent/static content that you want to live on your website and be a resource for people. Popular examples of pages would be things like, “About Us”, “Contact”, or “FAQ”. Pages are not listed by date, you can’t tag or organize pages into categories but you can nest pages and give them a parent/child relationship. i.e: About Us -> Mission Statement

Posts can be considered as articles, news entries, blogs, etc. Anything that has a “Published on” date associated with it. Unlike pages, posts can be put into categories or even tag each entry. This can help people on your website see just the type of news posts that they’re interested in. Posts are also displayed in the RSS feed of the blog.

tl;dr: Pages are for more ‘permanent content’ that you want on your site for a while, and posts are more ‘timely’ and meant to exist in chronological order with other posts.

Editing Current Pages

To edit the Pages on your website you’ll first need to be logged in to your WordPress site.

From Your Dashboard

While inside your dashboard, select “Pages” from the sidebar.
Access Pages from the Dashboard

You’ll see all of the pages that are currently created on your website. Simply click the title of an article to pull up the page in the editor.

Select Your Page in WordPress

From there, you’ll make any changes to your content inside the main Visual Editor. If you need help using the visual editor, you can find more info here.

From the Admin Toolbar

A really simple way to make changes to the page is to use the “Administrative Toolbar”. Once you’re logged in, just simply navigate to the actual page on your website. (Just like a regular visitor would.)

From the top bar, select “Edit Article”.

Edit WordPress Page from the Admin Toolbar

You’re brought right to the back-end and can start making your edits!

Creating New Pages

The instructions to create new pages are very similar to what you see above.

From your dashboard, select Pages -> Add New

From the Admin Toolbar, select New -> Page


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