We’ll take whatever you got.

Well, almost.

  • We accept cash. Of course.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • We accept cheques made out to “Kone Marketing” or “Kone Marketing Inc.”.
  • We accept Interac E-Mail Money Transfers sent to billing *at* konemarketing .com.
  • We accept PayPal payments sent to sales *at* konemarketing .com
  • We accept BitCoins

See? We’re pretty flexible when it comes to taking your money. 🙂

For Credit Cards

Any time we send you an e-mail copy of your invoice we’ll include a payment link to pay the invoice in full. If you need to make a partial payment or simply don’t get your invoices e-mailed to you online, then you can send us payment using our online payment form. We’ll send you an e-mail and include a receipt of payment.

For Any Other Forms of Payment

For any other payments you make through us, we’ll include an e-mail back to you with a digital copy of your receipt.

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