This help article assumes you’re using Kone Hosted Mail. If you’re using Google Apps to manage your mail. Please refer to these instructions. Thank you.

Any e-mail package you have with Kone Marketing can be accessed through any standard E-Mail Application. These are referred to as E-Mail Clients.

Typical E-Mail Clients are

  • Outlook or Outlook Express
  • Apple Mail
  • Thunderbird
  • iPhone¬†or iOS Device
  • Android
  • Blackberry
Click any one of those links for complete step-by-step walk through instructions particular to that application.

General E-Mail Settings

Although all of these clients are somewhat different in how they setup, they’ll all rely on the same basic principles to setup access with your accounts. Here’s a basic overview of what you’re going to need:


IMAP or POP?: IMAP. (What’s the difference?)
IMAP Mail Server (Incoming):
Incoming Port: 143 (SSL, yes please.)
Username: [your full e-mail address!]
Password: If you forget your password, we’ve got you covered.
Authentication Method: “Password” or “Encrypted Password”


SMTP Mail Server (Outgoing):
Outgoing Port: 465 (SSL, yes please.)
Authentication Method: “Password” or “Encrypted Password”
Authentication Details: Same login as your incoming mail settings.

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