Pages in WordPress

WordPress pages are really easy to edit, create and work with in WordPress. We get a few different questions about Pages and so we thought we’d take the time to answer them here. Pages vs Posts – What’s the difference? You want to get some new content up on your site but which do you […]

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Working with Images in WordPress

As a digital agency, it’s easy for us to take for granted our ability to just open up Photoshop to make a few quick edits to an image. It might just be a quick rotate, we might want to crop an image or just resize an image to make it fit. We can’t expect our […]

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Working with Menus in WordPress

Working with WordPress Menus

Managing Menus To manage your menu items, login to your dashboard and select Appearance -> Menus Add a Menu Item To Add a menu item, first select the Page, a link or the Category you want from the left hand side and click the Add to Menu button. Remove an Item To Remove a menu […]

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