Track QR Codes with Google Analytics

Kone Marketing QR CodeQR (or Quick Response) codes can be designed to direct a user to just about any type of website, information or video that you wish to. One important step before building your Free QR Code is to make sure you have the means to track it with Google Analytics so that you can analyze and understand how the QR code is being effective.

Follow these steps to get started:

  • First, this assumes you’re using Google Analytics to track the traffic that’s on your website. After you sign up, make sure the code is properly embedded on your site.
  • Navigate to the Google Analytics URL Builder. This tool is what will allow you to track the referrals and other detailed information about the QR codes and scans that lead users to your website.
  • Enter all of the required information in order to generate the tracking URL. This information includes the URL of your website and the campaign information related to this specific code.
  • Click “Generate URL” once all the information has been entered.
  • Using the new URL that has been created, we’ll want to now generate a specific QR Code that uses this full URL. There are tons of free QR Code generators out there.

Now you’ll be able to isolate and view the progress of how your QR code is being used.

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