Are you on our high-speed Content Delivery Network and getting odd errors after upgrading WordPress or WordPress Plugins?

Follow these steps to get you set straight:

Pre-Work: Before we get started with this, we need to do a one-time check to make sure that we’ve got one setting checked off. You’ll only ever have to do this once.

  1. Select the CDN link under the Performance section of the sidebar menu of your WordPress dashboard.
    Update CDN
  2. Before uploading anything to the CDN, we need to make sure that “Force over-writing of existing files” is checked off. Go ahead and Check it and then click “Save All Settings” to apply the change.

How to complete WordPress Updates when using a Content Delivery Network:

  1. After your WordPress updates and WordPress plugin updates are complete, you’ll notice a message at the top or your screen:
    Update CDN
  2. One-by-one you’ll click on all four buttons to update the CDN with the fresh updates we’ve just installed.
  3. After clicking each one, a popup window will appear. You’ll want to go ahead and click “Start” and wait until the transfer is 100% complete before closing.
    Start CDN Delivery

The reason for these extra required steps is because by updating WordPress and/or the plugins, we then need to send them on to where the rest of the website is hosted on our High-Speed Content Delivery Network Service. If we fail to do this then we may see errors on our site or missing files or mismatched files. You’ll have to follow these last set of steps each time you update your own WordPress site.

If you have any questions concerning your WordPress updates, please feel free to reach out to us and submit a support ticket. We’d be happy to help.

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