Working with Menus in WordPress

Managing Menus

To manage your menu items, login to your dashboard and select Appearance -> Menus

WordPress Menus

Add a Menu Item

To Add a menu item, first select the Page, a link or the Category you want from the left hand side and click the Add to Menu button.

Add Item to WordPress Menu

Remove an Item

To Remove a menu item, click the small triangle to the right of the menu and then select ‘Remove

Remove a Menu Item

Move it Around

You can tier these pages to organize the structure of your menu. Create submenus by placing the menu item just slightly to the right of the parent menu.To change the position of a menu item, simply just click once and hold to drag and drop the menu item and place it in it’s new position.

Moving Items within the WordPress menu

Don’t Lose Your Hardwork!

Once you’ve got your menu exactly how you want it, don’t forget to click the blue “Save Menu” button for your changes to be published live.
Save WordPress Menu

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